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Pokémon PG #2: First Pokémon and Lizette’s Pregnancy!

Route 1

Jessica wakes up in her tent in nothing but her bra and panties. She jiggles her breasts to make sure her bra is still fitting properly.

These babies got way bigger after I got this thing forced in my belly, thinks Jessica to herself. When I was home I just slightly pressed on my breasts with my index fingers and my bra exploded, also a ton milk shoot out from my… well you know, which actually makes no sense to why I’m lactating… I’m not carrying a human baby but a Pokémon.

Jessica stands up and stretches followed by scratching her belly.

I guess I’ll live with this, thinks Jessica to herself. When I give birth I’ll raise the Pokémon on my team and use it to lead myself to the championship!

Then something happens, her belly moves.

Oh my god, thinks Jessica to herself. My baby is moving!

Jessica runs out of the tent still only in her bra and panties. As you’re aware from last issue she’s not afraid to show skin especially in her condition.

“Lucas!” yells Jessica to her brother.

“Are you all right?” asks Lucas.

“Your future nephew or niece is moving within me!” says Jessica joyfully.

“Nephew or niece?” questions Lucas. “Are you serious? You expect me to call a Pokémon a nephew or niece?”

“Why not?” asks Jessica. “It may not be human but it’s growing in me nonetheless, which makes it family.”

“…,” sighs Lucas. “Fine, if it’s that important to you.”

“It is,” says Jessica. “What should I name it? Sure it’s a Pokémon but it still deserves a nice name. Oh, it’s moving again! Feel it!”

Jessica grabs her brother’s hand and presses it on her belly.

“Wow it’s very strong,” says Lucas. “How can you stand it? It must hurt.”

“It doesn’t!” says Jessica. “It’s so great!”

“Bulbasaur!” yells Janelle. “Use vine whip now!”

“Huh, what’s going on?” asks Jessica.

“A Pokémon wondered in our camp,” says Lucas. “Janelle is attempting to capture it.”

“Hmm, let’s see,” says Jessica pulling her Pokédex from her panties.

“Huh?” questions Lucas.

“Oh please…,” laughs Jessica.

Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. Sandshrew’s body is configured to absorb water without waste, enabling it to survive in an arid desert. This Pokémon curls up to protect itself from its enemies.

“Oh,” says Jessica.

Sandshrew does just that, it curls up into a ball. Bulbasaur runs up close and unleashes a vine whip attack, causing it to roll backwards and crash into a tree. It unravels its body and appears fainted.

“Janelle, this is the best time to catch it,” says Lucas.

“Right,” says Janelle. “Pokéball! Catch Sandshrew!”

Janelle throws the ball, while Lucas watches on.

“Hey, I see you’re eyeing a certain someone,” says Jessica with a smile on her face. “When did this come up?”

“What are you talking about?” asks Lucas.

“You’re staring at Janelle with love in your eyes, I can see it,” says Jessica. “Don’t deny it!”

“Jess, just congratulate Janelle,” says Lucas. “She caught her first Pokémon.”

“Yes!” yells Janelle jumping up and down.

“Admiring the scenery,” asks Jessica with a smile on her face.

“Will go and put your clothes on?” questions Lucas. “We have to find you your next Pokémon.”

“Oh, all right,” says Jessica. “Spoil sport… Hey, where is Lizette?”

“She went to get some water,” says Lucas.

By the River

Lizette kneels at the river drink some of the water. She enjoys it, and after she’s done she fills a container with water. Her Charmander walks around behind her, both are unaware that they’re being watched.

“She’s a fine specimen,” says Dr. Namba hiding behind a bush. “Don’t you think so Cassidy?”

“Oh she’s just wonderful…,” says Cassidy being sarcastic.

“She’s even more fit then that Jessica girl,” says Namba.

“Why don’t just ask her out already?” asks another voice.

“Jessie, you watch your tune, or I’ll have you back scrubbing the bathroom floors at the Team Rocket hideout,” says Namba.

“Ehh, why me?” asks Jessie.

“I can’t believe the boss wants me to team up with you to watch over these kids,” says Cassidy. “I could have handled this on my own.”

“Oh, please you couldn’t handle even putting that little skirt on your own,” says Jessie.

“Will you two shut up?” questions Namba. “We have to sneak up on the girl and give her this pill.”

“Okay,” both Team Rocket members say together.

Lizette stretches before she prepares to head for camp. She starts to walk when something crosses her path.

“Huh?” asks Lizette while pulling out her Pokédex.

Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon. Caterpie has a voracious appetite. It can devour leaves bigger than its body right before your eyes. From its antenna, this Pokémon releases a terrifically strong odor.

“You’re telling me,” replies Lizette. “Nevertheless I’m catching it! Charmander use ember!”

Charmander uses its ember attack on Caterpie. It quickly works…

“…,” sighs Lizette. “Are you serious you’re that weak?!”

“Rattata!” yells another Pokémon from Lizette’s left.

“Ekans!” yells another from her right.

“What’s the meaning of this?” asks Lizette.

“You have been chosen,” says Namba coming out of the bushes.

“Ekans wrap up Charmander!” commands Jessie.

Ekans does so.

“Rattata, tackle her!” commands Cassidy.

Rattata tackles Lizette. She falls backwards landing on her ass.

“Hold her down girls,” says Namba.

Jessie and Cassidy both hold down Lizette. Namba grabs her container of water and walks up to her. He opens her mouth and puts a pill in it.

“I’m sure your friend told you what happened, so I’ll save the details,” says Namba. “Enjoy!”

Namba put the container to her mouth and makes her drink to swallow the pill. It quickly goes down her throat.

“She swallowed it down, and it’s heading to her stomach,” says Namba holding a device in his hand. “You can let her go. Come now let’s leave her to her friends.”

The Team Rocket members leave. Lizette lies on the ground in pain. She can feel her stomach expanding. She moves her hand over her belly and feels a bump, which then with another stroke of pain expands into an even bigger nine month pregnant sized belly.

“Oh, god,” sighs Lizette trying to get up.

She struggles greatly to get up and somehow manages to do so. She looks down on her fainted Charmander and calls it back to its Pokéball. She begins to head back to camp when she remembers the fallen Caterpie and throws a ball at it as best she can. She captures it and waddles off to the camp.


Lizette makes her way into their camp. Janelle is the first to notice.

“Oh, my god Lizette,” says Janelle running up to her.

Lucas follows with the now clothed Jessica behind him. Janelle hold on to Lizette who’s belly is now as big as Jessica’s. Her belly slightly shows as her shirt was really long. It covers just over her bellybutton.

“It hurts,” says Lizette.

“I know it does, but it will go away soon,” says Jessica.

“Come on let’s get you over to our seating area,” says Lucas.

“Well we all see the bad news, but I do have good news I caught a Pokémon,” says Lizette. “A Caterpie…”

They sit Lizette on a log next to where they had their fire, which is no put out. Jessica sits next to Lizette and puts her hand on Lizette’s belly.

“Wow, Lizzy you’re as big as me,” says Jessica. “I can’t believe Team Rocket got you too.”

“Yes, they jumped out at me from nowhere,” says Lizette. “And made me swallow this pill that impregnated me.”

“Its more then likely another Pokémon within you,” says Lucas. “I wonder what they’re gonna do with these two.”

“Try and rule the world,” says Jessica.

“Wait Jess, didn’t you say they needed three young women?” asks Janelle.

“Yeah,” replies Jessica.

“Then that’s it,” says Janelle. “They’re hiding somewhere in this forest and I’m they’re next target. They want me pregnant as well.”

“Don’t worry, now that we know they’re here I won’t let anything happen to you,” says Lucas putting his arm around Janelle.

“Aww, how cute,” smiles Jessica.

“Oh, god I have to pee wicked bad,” says Lizette. “Help me up please.”

Lucas and Janelle help Lizette near some bushes and let her do her business. Lucas walks over to Jessica.

“So how are you feeling?” asks Lucas.

“Good, the baby stopped moving around,” says Jessica. “I’m surprised an egg can move that much.”

“Well, we all have new Pokémon now, except for you,” says Lucas. “You need help looking around?”

“My ankles are swollen and my back hurts, so yeah I will need a little help,” replies Jessica.

Lizette and Janelle walk back over to them.

“God, my breasts feels weird,” says Lizette.

“They must be filling up,” says Jessica. “After being pregnant for a little while my breasts began to expand…”

Everyone watches as Lizette’s breasts begin to grow.

“My bra just snapped,” says Lizette.

“Lucas, look away you’re enjoying that too much,” says Jessica.

“What, I am a guy after all,” replies Lucas.

“Man, how am I gonna walk around Viridian City like this?” asks Lizette.

“Well all eyes won’t be on you, I’ll get a good amount of them,” says Jessica.

“That won’t be for tomorrow since its getting dark out now,” says Lucas. “I’ll go get dinner started.”

“Sounds like a great idea!” says Lizette.

“Are we gonna even have enough?” asks Janelle. “Us and two pregos…”

“Yeah I better be sure to stock up tomorrow,” says Lucas pulling out one of his Pokéballs. “Houndour, come on out and use flame thrower on that wood!”

Houndour pops out of the Pokéball and as commanded uses flame thrower on the wood before it.

“You know it’s very unusual for a trainer to start a journey with a Houndour,” says Janelle as she gathers ingredients for the meal.

“Well he did start his first journey before us,” says Jessica waddling over to her brother. “Sit down next to me big brother and rub my belly.”

“If I must,” says Lucas.

They sit next to each other and Lucas proceeds to rub.

“Jessica said you went to Johto,” says Lizette sitting next to Lucas. “Why don’t you tell us a story of one of your adventures?”

“Yeah, you never told me any,” says Jessica.

“Uh…,” mutters Lucas. “Well, see I never went to Johto…”

“What!?” says Jessica. “Then where have you been?”

“The Orange Islands,” replies Lucas.

“Wait why did you go there?” asks Jessica.

“Well, I was never to tell anyone this, but since you all are now involved in all this…,” says Lucas. “Back when I started to head to Johto with my Charmander…”

Incoming Flashback (Lucas Narrates)

I was taking one of the routes leading to the region when I came across a woman being attacked by a Fearow.

“No!” yells the woman.

See looked as if she was brutal beaten, he Pokémon were laid out behind her.

“If those Rockets didn’t gang up on my Jynx and Cloyster I wouldn’t be in this mess,” says the woman.

Someone attacked her before the Fearow appeared. So I decided to help out.

“Charmander, use Ember on Fearow!” I commanded my Charmander.

Fearow took the hit and it seemed to do some damage, must have been a weak Fearow. It dived in at my starter Pokémon with a Fury Attack and it seemed to be working on Charmander. We trained a lot but I didn’t think it was ready for an opponent like the one it was fighting.

“Kid, don’t let your Charmander get hurt over me!” yelled the woman.

“Relax we’ll protect you,” I said. “Charmander use Scratch now!”

As Charmander swooped in Fearow used a massive Gust attack sending my Charmander falling back. It closed its eyes know it couldn’t take Fearow at its current level and wished hard that it could protect us.

“What?” I said as Charmander began to glow in a bright light.

“It’s evolving,” said the woman.

“No way,” I replied.

“Char!!!!!” it yelled as it finally grew. “Meleon!!!!”

“All right Charmeleon!” I yelled. “Use flame thrower Fearow now!”

“Meleon!!!” it roared as it hit Fearow with all its might.

The Fearow fell out of the sky.

“Fearow, your rampage ends here!” I stated. “Pokéball go!”

I threw my Pokéball and caught the wild Pokémon.

“That was excellent,” said the woman. “It always good to see a trainer work well with his Pokémon, my name is Lorelei. You may have seen my work with the Elite Four.”

“Wait I have,” says Lucas. “My name is Lucas.”

She’s only two years older then me and already a member of the Elite Four. She requested my assistance in getting her home to the Orange Islands, so I took her to the docks nearby Pallet Town and went on the ship with her. She was very weak and she said she’d only see doctors in her hometown.

“Team Rocket did this to you?” I asked.

“Yes, they’re a group of thieves who plan to take over the world with the aide of Pokémon,” she said.

While in the middle of the sea, something happened, an explosion.

“What was that?” I asked.

“It’s probably them,” said Lorelei. “They came to finish the job.”

Two Team Rocket members found us and unleashed two very powerful Pokémon. With Lorelei’s out of commission and my Fearow fainted all that was left was Charmeleon and it was taken down in an instance. One of the goons grabbed me and held me down as the other went for Lorelei. I watched him open up her mouth shove something down her throat. Then for no reason they fled.

“What the hell was that?” I asked. “Lorelei, are you okay?”

“Ahh, ahh, I gonna be sick,” she said as she ran for the side of ship.

She started throwing up and I stood behind her rubbing her back. After she finally stopped she turned to face me and where her midsection was uncovered from clothes I could see a bump in her abdomen. I grabbed her and watched as her belly grew huge. She was pregnant.

“They succeeded,” she said. “All they wanted was to impregnate me, so I would be slowed down and incapable of ruining the plans.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” I said rubbing her belly. “Your really, really pregnant and in a matter of seconds.”

“I had a feeling this is what they were gonna do,” said Lorelei. “Lucas, when we get to my home I will explain everything to you.”

We got to her house she explained that Team Rocket has been impregnating women all over Kanto and the Orange Islands. She said that she joined an elite force of trainers who had the authority to take down those who misused Pokémon and that after foiling many of Team Rocket’s plans they came for her and planned to slow her down by giving her a pregnancy of her own. Time went on and I stayed in the Orange Islands living with Lorelei, who asked me to replace her in the Pokémon G-Men, and trained for the day I would meet up with Team Rocket.

One of the higher ups of the G-Men, Lance, discovered Team Rocket’s whereabouts. They were going to Shamouti Island which was surrounded by three other islands which Lance believed was the main target of Team Rocket’s.

“Lorelei, are you sure you want to come out here?” asked Lance. “I’m sure Lucas can handle himself, especially since he was trained under you.”

“I’ll be fine, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t be out here,” replied Lorelei.

“So what’s so important about Shamouti Island?” I asked.

“It’s not Shamouti that’s the goal for Team Rocket,” replied Lorelei walking over to me. “Shamouti is the center of a small chain of islands. The three islands that form a triangle around are sacred islands. To the north is Fire Island, southwest Lightning Island, and southeast Ice Island. Each was the home of a very special Pokémon that haven’t been seen in ages. It is rumored that their remains maybe located somewhere on each island, and that is what we believe Team Rocket is here for.”

“The remains of legendary Pokémon?” I asked.

“No matter what we most stop them at all costs,” said Lance. “Too many innocents have been cursed by their insanity.”

The battle began once they arrived. They got their hands on something, we aren’t sure if they were remains or not but we battled them for it.

“Whoa they have a lot of strong Pokémon,” I stated.

“Yes, but so do we,” said Lance. “Go Dragonite!”

“Fearow! Charizard!” I commanded. “Let’s go!”

Other Pokémon were unleashed and a battle raged. Sometime into the fight a stray attack came in towards us on our ship. The attack knocked Lorelei of her feet and into a wall.

“Ahh!” she yelled.

“No, Lorelei!” both Lance and I yelled.

I ran up to her.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Ahh!” she yelled. “That fall caused my water to break!”

“What!?” I yelled.

“The thing that’s been growing in me is coming now!” she yelled in pain.

I aided her while she gave birth, I would turn back every so often to command my Pokémon but I would stay with her until finally and egg came out of her.

“God it feels so great to get that thing out of me,” said Lorelei.

“Here take it,” I said.

“No, for everything you’ve done for me during this ordeal I want you to keep it,” she said. “Now that we can see a design I can clearly identify it. It’s a Houndour egg.”

“A Houndour, huh?” I questioned.

We beat Team Rocket badly but they still got what they wanted. A year later I had a fully grown Houndour on my team and Lorelei was back to her weight when I first met her.

“Lucas, get in here it’s important,” said Lorelei.

I walked into the house after tending to the Pokémon and looked at the television.

“Today a teenager girl named Jessica Garcia was attacked by a group known as Team Rocket, they forcefully impregnated the girl,” said a reporter. “Luckily Pallet Town’s finest were able to get to her before they could do anything else.”

“They got my sister!” I yelled.

Flashback Over

“So you’re story leads to us,” says Jessica. “We’re carrying some sort of legendary Pokémon?”

“Yes,” I reply.

“Oddish!” says a random wild Pokémon.

“Oh a wild Pokémon!” yells Jessica. “It’s mine! …Umm I can’t get up…”

Lucas helps Jessica up and Jessica calls out Squirtle. Janelle pulls out her Pokédex.

Oddish, the Weed Pokémon. This Pokémon grows by absorbing moonlight. During the daytime, it buries itself in the ground, leaving only its leaves exposed to avoid detection by its enemies.

Jessica battles and succeeds in catching her first Pokémon. She celebrates the best she can with all the extra weight she’s carrying.

So now not only is Jessica pregnant so is Lizette. If we’re not careful Janelle maybe next. Hopefully we can get to Virdian with no problems.

Next Episode:
The Viridian Caper! Bellies All Around!
Here's #2!
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